Coalition for Tactical Medicine - Combat Casualty Care Training & Education



Our Mission

Strengthen the lifesaving capabilities of tactical medical responders worldwide.

What: The COALITION for Tactical Medicine (CTM) works on the behalf of military and civilian tactical medical responders to fund training and education scholarships and spread lifesaving information. Read More
Why: Limited budgets have hindered the ability to provide requested funds for continuing education and training.  First responders need tactical medical information they can trust. Read More
Who: CTM unites tactical medical military, civilian first responders and law enforcement communities; education, training and research leaders; corporate and private donors; and volunteers who want to save lives. Want to help? Read More

Coalition for Tactical Medicine - Combat Casualty Care Training & Education




We continue to face the threat of terrorism in our nation. First responders will need unique tactical and medical skills to save lives.

We will:

  • Increase the number of men and women educated and effectively trained in tactical medicine.
  • Share accurate news and emerging information relevant to tactical medicine.
  • Serve as the definitive resource for tactical medicine knowledge and expertise.
  • Drive ongoing improvement in the quality of tactical medicine guidelines and standards.



Coalition for Tactical Medicine - Combat Casualty Care Training & Education




Help us help first responders (law enforcement, EMS, EMT, SWAT, doctors, medics, etc.) be strong enough so that when the time comes, they will have the skills needed to save your life.

You can help us make them stronger . Join the COALITION by contributing funds, volunteering, creating an event or fundraiser.

Educate Yourself
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CTM is an official 501(c) (3) public charity.